About us

Alchemy Biocide and Fine Chemicals continues its accelerated growth trajectory, with an expanding portfolio of customers and offerings...

Our focus remains on providing healthcare development and manufacturing solutions, which enable our global customers to deliver advances in global health. Our solutions improve life quality by preventing illness, enabling healthier lifestyles and supporting a safe environment. We work to prevent illness and promote a healthier world by enabling our customers to deliver innovative medicines that help treat or even cure a wide range of diseases. We also offer a broad range of antimicrobial solutions, which help to create and maintain a healthy environment.

Our Journey

We started the office in 2013 offering various antimicrobial solutions for Industrial products such as Paints & Coatings, Textiles, Crude-oil, Emulsions, Personal care, Adhesives, Gum and others. Supported by an ongoing commitment to research and development, we manufacture and supply a wide range of biocides, flame retardants, personal care ingredients and many more.


Dr. Gopal Krishan- Head of Research and Technology , having 35 years of experience in Pharmaceutical & fine chemicals. He has 6 patents to his name.
Dr. Vishwas Joshi - Heading the manufacturing team, has an experience of 30 years in the field of Biocide and Fine Chemicals.
Mr. Linley Rebello - Heading the sales team, key account manager, proactive person with more than 18 years of experience in Business development and Sales of biocides and speciality chemicals.


What We Offer / Our USPs

Understand your business challenges and offer tailor-made anti-microbial products suiting your requirement

  • Challenge testing facility at our labs
  • Plant hygiene audit services and testing.
  • Made In India
  • Ready stock
  • Competitive price
  • 24×7 customer service
  • Committed Quality

Wet sheild

We manufacture range of cost effective wide spectrum wet state preservatives to prevent microbial deterioration of materials. Our Wet Shield range of products and expert sales personal will help you to recommend the right wet state preservative to meet your product requirement.


Dry shield

Biocides play an important role in the preservation of a variety of products susceptible to microbiological growth such as paint, after the application on a surface. Algae will make the surface green and fungus will stain the surface black. Dry Shield range of products will prevent detoriation of paint surface for longer period.

Biocide Actives

Alchemy is are one of largest manufacturer of Biocide actives in INDIA. We provide the long-term sustainable solution by manufacturing the key active raw materials and their formulations in house. We have successfully started to manufacturer actives like BIT, Diuron, DTBMA, BBIT, Isothiazolinone.



Alchemy is well equipped with analytical lab. Hygiene audits – our sales team is trained to carry out Hygiene audits. Beyond understanding the microbial contamination, hygiene audits helps in bring awareness of importance of cleanliness at the production area.

Where Are We Located ?

  • The Manufacturing at Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh
  • The Registered office at Goa

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Dry Shield DB25 Antimicrobial
 is a Diuron Free formulation. This product is used for the dry film protection of aqueous based surface coatings and adhesives. It offers protection from surface microbial growth. This product is non-volatile and VOC free. It is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial for the preservation of industrial aqueous-based products against spoilage by bacteria, fungi and yeast. This product is available in the form of aqueous dispersion.

Dry Shield OCD300 Antimicrobial is a broad-spectrum fungicide/algaecide for the dry film protection of aqueous based surface coatings. OCD300 Antimicrobial is an aqueous dispersion of 3 actives and non-volatile in nature. Broad spectrum antimicrobial for the preservation of industrial aqueous-based products against spoilage by bacteria, fungi and yeasts This product is particularly effective as a single active dry film preservative for Architectural & Industrial Paints & Coatings. This product is non-volatile and VOC free.

Dry Shield DU50 Antimicrobial is a highly-active broad spectrum algaecide used for industrial applications. This product inhibits photosynthesis of algal species and is ideal for use in external paint applications. It offers protection from surface fungal and algal growth. This product is non-volatile and VOC free. Used to increase the life of the exterior films.