Decorative Paints

“Let our experience help you make the best decisions for Biocides in Paints preservation applications. ”

Polymer emulsion

Our knowledge of Preservation will helps in maintenance of elegance with respect to general appearance, odour, colour and consistency.

Metal working fluid

Metal working fluids, or MWFs, are a mixture of oils or other liquids that can be used to cool, lubricate and reduce friction during grounding, machining and cutting processes. Our Biocides formulation along with expert knowledge will help control Microbial growth.

Plastics & Rubber

Preservation of Plastics, many of the plastics articles deteriorate with time and under certain conditions. Common signs of deterioration include discoloration, crazing and cracking, warping, becoming sticky and in extreme cases, turning completely to powder. Biocides helps in preventing the growth of Microbes on the surface.

Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives and sealants are used for various application Their composition as well as biological and environmental conditions all factor into the stability of adhesives and their retention of original characteristics. Preservatives used during the time of formulation helps in retaining the properties of Adhesives and sealants. A good Plant Hygiene will also help in improving the stability and performance.

Textile & Leather Auxiliary

Textile & Leather Auxiliary are susiptable to growth of microbes, which affects the performance of Textile or Leather processing. Our range of wet state preservatives will help retention the original property of your formulations.

Construction & Admixture

Construction Chemicals due to its nature of formulation are often associated with quick degradation due to microbial growth. Our range of biocides will help in controling microbial growth.

Dry Shield DB25 Antimicrobial
 is a Diuron Free formulation. This product is used for the dry film protection of aqueous based surface coatings and adhesives. It offers protection from surface microbial growth. This product is non-volatile and VOC free. It is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial for the preservation of industrial aqueous-based products against spoilage by bacteria, fungi and yeast. This product is available in the form of aqueous dispersion.

Dry Shield OCD300 Antimicrobial is a broad-spectrum fungicide/algaecide for the dry film protection of aqueous based surface coatings. OCD300 Antimicrobial is an aqueous dispersion of 3 actives and non-volatile in nature. Broad spectrum antimicrobial for the preservation of industrial aqueous-based products against spoilage by bacteria, fungi and yeasts This product is particularly effective as a single active dry film preservative for Architectural & Industrial Paints & Coatings. This product is non-volatile and VOC free.

Dry Shield DU50 Antimicrobial is a highly-active broad spectrum algaecide used for industrial applications. This product inhibits photosynthesis of algal species and is ideal for use in external paint applications. It offers protection from surface fungal and algal growth. This product is non-volatile and VOC free. Used to increase the life of the exterior films.