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About Us

Alchemy Biocide and Fine Chemicals is a leading provider of high-quality chemicals and biocides for various industries. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the market.. Our manufacturing plant is at Dhar near Indore MP and Gujarat.

We specialize in developing and producing a wide range of products that cater to the needs of industries such as agriculture, paints & coatings, Metal working fluid, personal care, and many industrial products.

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Latest Products

Wet shield

We manufacture range of cost effective wide spectrum wet state preservatives to prevent microbial deterioration of materials. Our Wet Shield range of products and expert sales personal will help you to recommend the right wet state preservative to meet your product requirement.

Aegis Shield

Microbial contamination can lead to premature MWF failure. Health and safety concerns arise when MWF is contaminated.  Our Biocides formulation along with expert knowledge will help control Microbial growth.

Dry shield

Biocides play an important role in the preservation of a variety of products susceptible to microbiological growth such as paint, after the application on a surface. Algae will make the surface green and fungus will stain the surface black. Dry Shield range of products will prevent deterioration of paint surface for longer period.

Micro Shield Active

We have sustainable sourcing of essential Biocides actives, like Diuron, Carbendazim, BIT, CMIT MIT etc. Thus we are able to offer long term sustainable and reliable supply of Biocides formulations .


Alchemy is well equipped with analytical lab. Hygiene audits – our sales team is trained to carry out Hygiene audits. Beyond understanding the microbial contamination, hygiene audits helps in bring awareness of importance of cleanliness at the production area.

Where Are We Located

The Registered office at Goa

The Manufacturing at Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh

Our Services

Biocides Sourcing Interface

We can be bridge between you and the manufacturer. Taking care of your needs of Products and supply chain.

Biocides Actives Sourcing

We can offer, develop alternate source of Biocides active in INDIA. Like BIT, Diuron, Isothiazolinone etc.

Regulatory Services

We can obtain all required permits for scheduled biocides and their formulations. Provide updates on guidelines and compliance.


We have long term relationship for supplies in bulk of raw material with manufacturers. This helps us in getting the best price and volume. This results in making us competitive.

Supply Chain

Taking care of your needs of Products, Quantity, Packing and Logistics.

Quality Inspection

We operate with transparency, We encourage manufacturing Plant Inspection on Quality and Safety.

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